An Alarming 58% of People Do Not Floss At All

...while 92% would floss more often if it was easier

At Spotlight Oral Care, we recently conducted a survey evaluating people’s flossing attitudes and habits. The survey results found that 58% of people do not floss at all, while 92% would floss more if it was easier. 

The reluctance to floss can stem from a number of reasons. It can be a tricky process, and people often struggle to get the method right when flossing. All dental tape, floss picks, floss threaders and waxed floss can be difficult to maneuver in and out of the mouth and teeth with ease, and flossing is often avoided altogether as a result.


Dr. Vanessa Creaven commented on the reluctance to floss;  

When it comes to flossing, there is no particular ‘correct way’ to do it. We often see patients who are reluctant to floss once they see blood! It’s important to note that this is normal and the more regularly you floss, the less chance you have of experiencing bleeding gums.’ 

Out of the 1,700 people surveyed, only 42% flossed at all, and of those that did floss regularly, only 47% flossed on a weekly basis. 

Flossing should be an essential part of everybody’s daily routine. Not weekly, monthly or before your yearly dentist visit, but every single day. The sheer importance of flossing is often underestimated. It plays a pivotal role in good oral health & overall  health. 

Did you know that 50% of the fillings a person receives in their lifetime start between the teeth at the point where the toothbrush can’t reach. This is the reason that flossing down into the debris between the teeth is so important. At Spotlight Oral Care, we encourage flossing before you brush your teeth in order to dislodge any food built up between your teeth.

Water Flosser

Of those surveyed, 73% of people admitted to finding flossing difficult to maneuver, while a massive 92% of people would floss more if it was an easier process. Lucky for those people, we have just launched a product that can do just that; the Spotlight Oral Care Water Flosser. Water flossers are five times more effective at removing plaque between teeth in comparison to manual floss or picks. Water flossers are ideal for cleaning around dental bridges, braces, implants and crowns, and they offer a more gentle alternative to traditional floss, making gums less likely to bleed or become inflamed.They are suitable for people with braces, bridges, implants, crowns, periodontal pockets, and also for any person that wants a cleaner, fresher mouth. 

For those part of the 93% who would floss more if it was easier, this is your answer. Happy water flossing!

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