Lisa Talking On Q102 About Sustainability & PETA Approval

Our Founder Lisa Creaven talks on Q102 radio to Liam Coburn about sustainability and Spotlight Oral Care's PETA approval. 



Transcription as follows: 

Liam Coburn 0:00
It's pretty much the vegan seal of approval in the beauty world if you get PETA approval, particularly in the modern world where people are a lot more conscious of these things, getting that that vegan seal of approval is a huge thing. And joining the likes of Carter Beauty and Sosubysj Dripping Gold Tan, is another Irish brand Spotlight Oral Care is now cruelty free and vegan friendly and PETA approved. As of this week, the brand was set up by two sisters, two dentists, and one of them is on the phone now that's Dr. Lisa Creaven. Lisa, good morning.

Lisa Creaven 0:31
Good morning.

Liam Coburn 0:32
Firstly, congratulations on getting this because I guess it's, particularly the 21st century when people are very conscious of these things, it's a great thing to have on your brand.

Lisa Creaven 0:42
Absolutely. And I think the modern consumer is looking for kind of products and brands that are both kind of like aligning with more modern beliefs, and, you know, looking at their brand overall in terms of what they stand behind and it's actually it's such a rigorous process actually to be PETA certified so it's something we've been working on for the past two years. And unfortunatelyin oral care actually there are a lot of toothpastes that are still tested on animals and still do contain animal byproducts. So it was really, really important when we created the range that, it was free bedroom cruelty and vegan friendly.

Liam Coburn 1:23
It's an area that people don't consider really because I know a lot of people are very conscious of, of their beauty products and even things like soaps, but toothpaste isn't something you think on that regard a lot of time.

Lisa Creaven 1:34
I know, sometimes I think that oral care is one of those things that you just you kind of people tend to buy what they always bought. But honestly, if you knew what was in your toothpaste, you really would take a second look so and if the things that were in your toothpaste were banned like by the FDA, 15 years ago in hand soap and the lining of your mouth is actually 50 times more absorbent than your skin. So if you're worried about what's going on your your skin, you should be 50 times more worried about what's going on in your mouth.

Liam Coburn 2:01
Why has that been allowed to continue that what is it just that people just don't pay attention to it?

Lisa Creaven 2:07
It just takes time. And I think like I honestly think that it's, the oral care industry is largely dominated by, you know, two or three bass players and until you bring in regulations, you know, like there was microbeads in our toothpaste to the very recently, and that was going into our systems actually, it stays in your body. And it was also building up in the seas, we could see the effects of marine life and things like that. So then the EU brought in a directive to self microbeads. But I think like we've been very proactive in terms of how we want our products formulated how we want them packaged, in terms of recyclability, and sustainability, as well. So, and it's often kind of a forgotten area of you know, beauty care and health care. But it's thankfully, it is being modernized now.

Liam Coburn 2:58
So are you kind of leading the way then when it comes to oral care and this?

Lisa Creaven 3:02
Well, to my knowledge, we're the first oral care range that is available, like in a mass market way that has even recyclable packaging. You know? Most toothpaste tubes are made from like the cheapest type of plastic, they're laminated plastic, and you can't recycle that. So, you know, a billion tubes end up in landfill in the US every year. And like, I think that's one of the reasons that we have such you know, great kind of success in Ireland and believe in the US. So we just in the US, we launched on this week and Ultra & CVS. And I think those retailers I'm seeing in Ireland in the UK is that retailers are looking for more sustainably kind of minded brands as well.

Liam Coburn 3:47
Because you mentioned that the market is largely dominated by a couple of major organizations. So you're fighting some pretty big competition here. But clearly, if you're expanding globally like this, then you're doing really well with us.

Lisa Creaven 4:01
Yeah, like I mean, I think what we do as dentists, I think we know have first hand interactions our patients every day and our customers every day. So I actually know from speaking patients what their pain points are and what products we need to bring out next, so I think we're very, agile a company. If we just, if we see a product that we feel is needed, we'll bring it to market and sit still takes time. But I think obviously, we're a smaller company so we can we can move faster.

Liam Coburn 4:31
Listen, it's it's great to hear that you've done this and well done on getting this this Peter seal of approval because as we said at the start, it's it is it's the gold standard at this stage for people who want who want to be seen to be cruelty free. So congratulations on that. And we wish you very well with the success of the business in the future. It's clearly taken off very well and we hope that continues for a long time for you.

Lisa Creaven 4:52
Thank you so much. Thank you

Liam Coburn 4:53
Not at all. Lisa, thanks for talking to us this morning.

Lisa Creaven 4:56
Take care

Liam Coburn 4:56
Cheers. Bye bye.

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