Morning breath is one of the most common oral care issues that people experience on a daily basis. Just like bad breath, waking up with morning breath is experienced by more than 50% of people during their lifetime. Also referred to as halitosis or oral malodour, morning breath can be experienced mildly or severely, and can last for short or long periods of time. There are two major causes of morning breath, and thankfully preventing morning breath and getting rid of morning breath can be achieved at home with the right oral care routine and oral care solutions. 

Causes of Morning Breath

Poor Oral Hygiene

Waking up with bad breath is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. Maintaining a personalised, regular oral care routine is one of the main ways to get rid of morning breath. If you are not brushing teeth and gums twice daily for two minutes each time using a toothpaste with active ingredients or flossing daily, food particles and bacteria in the mouth can cause halitosis overnight resulting in bad breath in the morning. 

Dry Mouth

Another cause of bad breath in the morning can be dry mouth. If you have a good oral care routine and maintain good oral hygiene, dry mouth can be a cause of morning breath. Saliva in the mouth helps to remove the bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breath. Overnight saliva production is reduced which can cause you to wake up with bad breath. Speak to your dentists if morning breath persists. 

Gum Disease 

If bad breath in the morning persists over a long period of time it can be a sign of gum disease or tooth decay. Visit your dentist for diagnosis and treatment to get rid of bad breath in the morning. You may require treatment from your dentists to alleviate gum disease, infection or tooth decay. 


Nicotine use is another common cause of morning breath. Smoking causes the mouth to dry out which can affect saliva production and result in bad breath when you wake up. Though bad breath in the morning can be managed by maintaining a good oral care routine, only giving up smoking will eradicate morning halitosis completely and get rid of morning breath for good. 


One of the main causes of morning breaths is food and drink. Certain foods like garlic, onion and even alcohol can cause bad breath in the morning. This kind of bad breath is easy to alleviate through brushing, using alcohol-free mouthwash or simply by avoiding foods that result in halitosis or morning breath. 

Prevent Morning Breath

The first step in preventing morning breath is to build a regular, effective oral care routine. Brushing with a Sonic Toothbrush twice daily for two minutes each time and using a toothpaste with active ingredients will ensure teeth and gums are cleaned thoroughly. Flossing daily using dental floss or a water flosser and using an alcohol-free mouthwash will also hello combat the bacteria that lead to morning breath..When gums and teeth are clean and healthy, morning  breath can be managed and alleviated at home. Brush teeth first thing in the morning and last thing at night to ensure teeth and gums are protected and cleaned to combat bad breath in the morning.

Active Ingredients 

Essential to preventing and getting rid of morning breath is the use of active ingredients in the oral care solutions you use daily. Clean, active and clinically proven formulations will ensure your teeth and gums are cleaned effectively without harming your overall mouth health, Always check to make sure your toothpaste contains Fluoride. Active ingredients work to protect tooth and gum health and will prevent morning breath from occurring. 

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Seeing your dentist every 6 months should be part of your oral care routine, Your dentist can examine and notice parts of your oral health that you cannot assess yourself. Regular cleaning by your dentist or hygienist will help to clean parts of the mouth that cannot be reached with at-home cleaning and in doing so can help to prevent morning breath and bad breath from occurring. 

Oral Health Education

At Spotlight, our goal is to educate you on your oral health, help you to identify your oral health goals and then achieve them by using our prescriptive oral care solutions. Your oral health needs are as individual as you, so don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all oral care routine. Our clean, clinically proven, active ingredient infused formulations have been created specifically to treat your oral care concerns and we are on-hand to make sure you get the most from your smile.

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