We’re celebrating Labor Day Weekend with 20% off everything!

Happy Labor Day, Spotlight Oral Care Community! It may be the end of summer, but we’re giving you plenty to celebrate with our special offer!

Life is so busy, but a long weekend is the perfect time to re-evaluate and reset your oral care goals. At Spotlight Oral Care, everything we create has been specially formulated to target your specific oral care concerns. Like we always say, your mouth is as individual as you are, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all oral care routine?

Just like your skin, it’s important to think about what your mouth - and smile - needs. Do you suffer from sensitivity? Are you worried about morning breath? Would you like a whiter smile, but don’t want to invest in professional whitening? 

We suggest you take a few minutes this weekend to think about your oral health and your oral care goals. Whatever you want to achieve and improve, we have a clean, clinically proven, active-ingredient formulation or device to help you do it! 

Plus, all of our products can be mixed, matched, and combined simultaneously, so you can get going on reaching those goals ASAP. 

And now for the fun part! Once you have decided on your goals and chosen your new products, simply head to SpotlightOralCare.com and enjoy 20% off your basket! There’s simply never been a better time to reset your smile for a whole new season. 

Happy curating, and happy smiling! 

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