Introducing the Spotlight Sonic Toothbrush

Welcoming our newest addition to Spotlight Oral Care, the Spotlight Sonic Toothbrush. We are very excited to be bringing out this product as we really wanted to create an electric toothbrush that was suitable for everyone. Many people had reached out to us over the last couple of years and explained that they found their electric toothbrush was a little severe on their teeth and gums. We decided to create an electric toothbrush, one that was going to suit everyone and clean your teeth effectively without being harsh.

The Spotlight Sonic Toothbrush has three different settings - Sensitive, Clean and White. Each setting has a different level of speed to ensure that you are comfortable while brushing your teeth. The high-frequency and brush movements ensure that both your toothpaste and oxygen is reaching those little spaces between your teeth that can be hard to get to. While using the Sonic Toothbrush, tilt the brush at a 45-degree angle and move in small circular motions. The gentle vibrations will do all the work and leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean as it effectively removes plaque and helps to remove any staining you might find hard to shift.

The Sonic Toothbrush comes with three toothbrush heads. It is important to make sure you rinse the toothbrush head after each use, soak it in water weekly and to change your toothbrush head every three months. You don’t want to be brushing your teeth with something dirty! The Sonic Toothbrush also comes with a travel case, so you can it anywhere with you. By using our Sonic Toothbrush daily, your teeth will be feeling cleaner than ever and a clean mouth will contribute to your overall health.

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