How to use the Water Flosser

When it comes to flossing, it’s important to keep in the habit of flossing daily to maintain cleaning between your teeth. If you have braces or need extra power when it comes to flossing, our water flosser is fantastic for creating that dentist-clean feeling at home. The pressure from the water helps to remove tatar that has hardened and build-up between teeth and on the gumline. It’s a great tool to improve your overall oral health and to get your dental hygienist to notice the difference.

Want to know how the Water Flosser works or testing it out for the first time? Follow these easy tips for the best experience with your new purchase.

Step 1: Charge up your Water Flosser

At the back remove the cover of the charging area, this is where you put your charger in. It takes 6 hours to charge the water flosser. You’ll know when it's done when the light at the front turns green

Step 2: Use the Water Flosser

Open the Water Flosser from the bottom and extend to fill it with lukewarm water. Fill from the bottom of the water flosser. 

Step 3: Pick the tip that's right for you:

  1. Classic Jet Tip - deep cleans, flosses in between teeth, flosses below gumline, suitable for all areas

  1. Periodontal Tip - Rinses & massages, accesses periodontal pockets, focused and targeted nozzle, gum inflammation 

  1. Orthodontic Spray Tip - Perfect if you have braces, Reaches underneath wire, removes plaque & food

  1. Tongue Scraper - Removes plaque and bacteria, prevents bad breath

Step 4: Insert your tip

Insert your chosen tip into the top of the Water Flosser. To change the tips simply press the release button at the back and pull the tip off.

Step 5: Turn on the Water Flosser

Wait until the Water Flosser Tip is fully in your mouth before you turn it on. Hold the power button for 3 seconds, it has three settings: Normal Mode, Soft Mode & Pule Mode.

Top Tips:

  • Try not to look in the mirror when flossing
  • Lean into the sink
  • Start at the back and move the flosser tip  around the outside of your teeth then on the inside of your teeth
  • Rinse with water when finished. Remember practice makes perfect! Give yourself time to get used to the tool. As dentists we really see the clinical benefits of using a Water Flosser.

You can read our FAQs here.

Watch our Video on how to use the Water Flosser below:


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