Our 'Game Changing' Sonic Toothbrush

Our best-selling Sonic Toothbrush is a game changer in the industry, using professionally designed sonic technology, which allows the gentle feel of a manual toothbrush with an actual deep clean effect. The Sonic Toothbrush was designed with both efficiency and comfort in mind! It is gentle and effective in removing plaque and discoloration, ensuring an amazing clean and in turn, long term oral health.

So, what makes our Sonic Toothbrush different from a regular electric toothbrush?

Well, our Spotlight Sonic Toothbrush has three different settings - Sensitive, Clean and White. Each has a different level of speed to ensure that you are comfortable while brushing your teeth. The high-frequency brush movements ensure that both your toothpaste and oxygen is reaching those little spaces between your teeth that can be hard to get to.  This technique ensures your teeth are receiving the best clean possible and the sonic brush does all the work for you.

Plus, our Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush has a long battery life – which means you won’t need to worry about your battery dying throughout your morning routine!

The Sonic Toothbrush has three different settings with various amplitude ranges:

  •         Sensitive – For Gentle Care
  •         Clean – For Clean Teeth
  •         White – For Intense surface stain removal

Our Sonic Toothbrush comes with three toothbrush heads. It’s important to make sure you rinse the toothbrush head after each use. We would advise you to soak it in water weekly for cleaning and be sure to change your toothbrush head every 3 months! By using our Sonic Toothbrush daily, your teeth will feel cleaner than ever and a clean mouth will contribute to your overall oral health!

The Sonic Toothbrush also comes with a travel case so you can easily take it anywhere with you.

How to Use our Sonic Toothbrush

Pick a setting that suits your needs. Place the brush on the area of the teeth where it meets the gum. Start on the top right on the outside of the teeth, near the cheek and work your way around to the top left side. Repeat for the inside of the teeth (near the roof of your mouth). Brush the biting surfaces of your teeth.  Repeat for the lower teeth. Brushing should take 2 minutes. 

Some of our FAQ’s Answered

  • I have receding gums, can I use your sonic toothbrush?
    Yes, our sonic toothbrush has three different speed settings. If you find you have sensitive teeth or gums then the ‘sensitive’ speed level is perfect for you. It ensures you are receiving an effective clean without being too harsh on your gums or teeth.
  • Can my child use the sonic brush? 
    Yes, kids can use the sonic toothbrush - just make sure they’re using the sensitive setting.
  • How long is the charging time?
    Charge time is a full 15 hours for our sonic brush to ensure it has a long battery life.
  • How often should I change the head?
    We advise people to change their toothbrush head every 3 months.
  • Can I use any toothpaste with the Sonic toothbrush?
    Yes, you can use any toothpaste with our Sonic brush, however for best results we recommend using our Spotlight Oral Care toothpaste range. 

    All of our toothpastes contain clinically proven active ingredients to target specific dental needs. All of our toothpastes come in sugarcane tubes and are 100% recyclable, ocean safe and vegan-friendly.  

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