2022 Sugar Awareness Week

It’s Sugar Awareness Week once again. Sugar is a guilty pleasure for many of us and it's not an easy ingredient to cut out of our diet completely, not that you should. As dentists we won't sugarcoat the oral care facts (excuse the pun!). Sugar may not be great for your health but it doesn't actually cause cavities, however it can enhance cavities if the bacteria that causes them is already present.

We won’t shame you for having a sweet tooth, but adapting small habits can help you maintain a healthy smile so you can stay cavity free and protect your teeth for longer. Did you know that according to the British Dental Association Fizzy Drinks are the largest single source of sugar consumption for children aged 11-18. Carbonated soft drinks such as soda and sparkling water are still weakening your enamel so don’t be fooled they will be better for you. We recommend drinking water as much as possible between beverages and food to reduce the contact on the surface of your teeth and to use a straw when drinking soft drinks. Even fruit juices seem to be a healthy alternative however they contain more sugar than you think so be sure to consume a small serving like you would with sweets. 

As part of your daily oral care routine you should continue to brush every day twice a day and use a Mouthwash between meals to freshen your breath and reduce build up of residue on your teeth. By using a toothpaste with the active ingredient fluoride as it makes the surface of your teeth more resistant to ‘acid attacks’ which would cause your teeth to decay. All of our Toothpastes have the active ingredient Fluoride. Finally, be sure to Floss at least once a day to remove the debris between your teeth that can’t be reached by your toothbrush. If you need that extra power, we recommend Our Water Flosser to get that dentist clean feeling your hygienist would normally provide. Be sure to visit your dentist for routine check ups and the hygienist every 6 months to stay on top of your oral care and maintain the smile you deserve.

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