Spotlight Oral Care X frank body


Meet your body and smile besties. A feel oh-so-good collaboration. 

  • Limited Edition 
  • Natural exfoliator 
  • Whitening on the go
  • Active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide safely whitens teeth 
  • Vegan-friendly 
  • Cruelty-free


What’s included: 

Teeth Whitening Pen

The TikTok sensation Teeth Whitening Pen is an easy-to-use pen for whitening on the go. It dispenses a small amount of gel onto the teeth, which contains the active whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide. Unlike other pens which use a white paint-like substance to cover stains, this formula actively dissolves stains leaving long-lasting results

Coconut scrub

Vacation-glowing skin? Right this way babe. frank body's Coconut Coffee Scrub is a natural, vegan body scrub here to give you vacation-glowy skin all year round. With a blend of coffee and essential oils, It’ll work its magic on stretch marks, scars and dry skin to leave you as free as a palm tree.

OG face scrub

Dull, dry skin? frank body's Original Face Scrub is the guy for this glow job. frank body's Original Face Scrub is a targeted exfoliator that cleans pores, buffs away dry skin, and keeps skin clear. Thanks to its blend of coffee, white clay, and natural oils, your skin will look glowing and even from the second you rinse me off. Acne doesn’t stand a chance. 

Spotlight Oral Care X frank body

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