Mom To Be Gift Set

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  • Created by Mothers and Dentists 
  • Supports oral health through pregnancy & breastfeeding 
  • Toxin Free 
  • Vegan-friendly Toothpaste

Mom To Be Gift Set

Pregnancy Toothpaste
Sonic Toothbrush

What’s Included

1. Pregnancy Toothpaste

Maintains Gum & Teeth health throughout pregnancy & breastfeeding. Toxin Free, Safe for Mum and Baby.

2. Sonic Toothbrush

Our 3-speed, deep cleaning electric toothbrush is an oral care staple. It will keep gums healthy, remove plaque and stains and stop tooth decay.

3. Pink Jade Roller

100% Jade facial roller designed to de-puff, soothe and relax tired skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Pink Eye Mask

Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic, this 100% silk eye mask helps to protect the delicate skin around the eyes and promote a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Lisa & Dr. Vanessa's Tips for Oral Care during Pregnancy


Brush teeth and gums twice a day with a clean, clinically proven formula to protect mother and baby’s oral and overall health


Use a Sonic Toothbrush throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding to ensure teeth and gums receive the best clean possible


If you experience morning sickness, wait at least 1 hour before brushing your teeth to prevent enamel erosion


We recommend seeing your hygienist every 3 months throughout pregnancy to maintain oral health

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