There are several bad breath solutions that can be achieved both at home and with the professional help of a dentist. Halitosis, oral malodour or bad breath is a common condition that is experienced by more than half of all people during their lifetime. Treating bad breathing and finding a cure for bad breath is usually very simple and can be achieved by identifying the cause of the bad breath. Bad breath prevention is an important part of the cure also, and knowing how to prevent bad breath is an essential part of understating your own oral health and knowing how to maintain good oral hygiene. 

Main Bad Breath Solutions

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Instilling a good oral care routine is the most effective and accessible way to cure bad breath. Brush teeth and gums twice a day for two minutes each time using a sonic toothbrush to ensure teeth, gums and mouth are cleaned deeply and effectively, Floss teeth daily using dental floss or a water flosser to reach the more inaccessible areas of the mouth and use a mouthwash to ensure bacteria in the mouth is eradicated. This daily at-home oral care ritual will help prevent and cure mild bad breath. The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. When bacteria that forms on the teeth, gums and mouth reacts with food stuck between the teeth and around the gum line it causes bad breath which can be embarrassing and affect confidence. 

Spotlight's Active Ingredients 

When instilling a good oral care routine it is important to use the right oral care solutions for your specific oral health needs. Your mouth is as individual as you are, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all oral care solution? Choose a toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss that has been formulated specifically to combat and prevent bad breath. Active ingredients like Fluoride work to improve overall oral health which will help to alleviate and prevent bad breath. Never use oral care solutions that contain harmful ingredients. 



Avoid Certain Food & Drink 

Some food and drinks are directly linked with causing bad breath. To prevent bad breath, avoid strongly flavoured foods like garlic and onions and avoid overuse of alcohol to prevent bad breath. To get rid of bad breath after consumption of these foods and drink types, wait one hour and then brush teeth and use a mouthwash.

Quit Smoking 

While the effects of smoking on the mouth can be temporarily minimised by instilling a good oral care routine, only quitting smoking can prevent bad breath for good. One of the main causes of bad breath is nicotine use. Smoking dries out your mouth and is one of the leading causes of gum disease, both of which can cause halitosis, also known as bad breath or oral malodor. Bad breath from smoking is extremely common. 

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